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in-ORGAN-ic #2-4

The first of three locations in and around Weimar that the organist Jakob Schönborn -Dietz and me recorded at was St. Peter und Paul / Herderkirche.

I did several time consuming impulse response measurements on the ground floor and on the balcony.

This is the performance space underneath the organ–and one of the spots where I placed the amp playing back the frequency sweep. After that Jakob and I climbed inside and explored the organ and selected two microphone positions.

Not an optimal spot as the motors injected a lot of unwanted content into the dynamic mic. We found a working and interesting sounding alternative nearby though.

After the late night recording session we visited location #2 on the next morning: St. Ursula in Taubach.

In the afternoon Jakob and me went back to Weimar and did some exploratory recording of the action and inside of the body of the Wegscheider-organ at Musikhochschule Franz Liszt.


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