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Organ + electronics and p.e.r.c.u.s.s.i.o.n

The test flight for the kit I’ll be taking to Portugal this week…

Thomas Noll from Organworks and me finally got back together, and we were joined by the percussionist Samuel Hall. For this meeting he also brought some electronics, feedback, a Make Noise Strega and 0-Control. And it did get crazy!

Samuel’s den
The central spcmic manned by it’s inventor Svein Berge from Harpex Audio

We used the opportunity to test drive two spcmic‘s: Svein’s 84-channel 3D-audio recording devices that plug straight into a laptop via USB-C. Just point it towards the sound source and you are good to go–no gain staging needed! All tweaking (beamforming and such) can be done in post processing, but of course you can monitor in realtime, e.g. using binaural rendering.

Fluttering… (photo © Svein Berge)

This is April’s final in-ORGAN-ic session, kindly supported by Musikfonds e.V. with funds from the culture ministry of the German government.

Organ gallery panorama (photo © Svein Berge)

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