Anna Mandel (voice), Andrew Levine (theremin)

The project „singingSculptures“ or turning the inner movement inside-out

What happens when a voice sees itself? When a sculpture sings itself? What does someone see who can hear a voice constructing spaces, rooms with sculptural interiors and structured surfaces? What does a person hear when a sculpture dissolves in movement? Which feelings are felt by someone who hears what he sees? How does someone breathe who sees what he hears?

The project „Singing Sculptures“ developed from an extremely subjective point of origin that is turned inside-out in the course of it‘s realization. An individual synaesthetic process becomes accessible to others through the unfolding of the entwined complexity of perception and constructed reality. Whereas as a sculptor I work with tangible spaces, as a vocalist—in the field of free, non-idiomatic improvisation—I deal with the cosmos of my voice. My own voice that most often intuitively reflects synaesthetic impulses, feeding on and modifying the optical and tactile impressions in front of my inner eye, both as tools and materials, sings it‘s inner movement, exposing it‘s inner spaces. The collaborative improvisations with a synaesthetically „blind“ musician, the thereminist Andrew Levine, is transposed into the externally audible realm and can be perceived by the ears of both the musicians and the audience, in turn creating interior spaces, movement, structures and textures. Sculptures are being sung, becoming tactile in the sounds manifested. The process of „making music“ though happens autonomously in the process of improvisation. Impulses happen and move to and fro in the course of bidirectional listening.

Anna Mandel 2012