New duo series: “box full of waves”

While in the times of Covid-19 (aka the Corona-virus) regular performances with an audience are out of the question in most of the world, both Hamburg and Berlin allow for streaming concerts to take place. I arranged for two such events at the WorldWideWindow in Berlin. On April 28 I played with the trombonist Davide Piersanti…

…and on April 29 I met up with the tuba player Jack Adler-McKean. It turns out my combination of Haken Audio Continuum and Theremin + MakeNoise 0-Coast synth integrates beautifully with the two brass instruments–plus electronics! Davide employed a series of effects pedals, live and prerecorded loops and Jack had a feedback system in his tuba, so the acoustic and electronic world spanned bridges towards one another from both ends. I can’t wait to meet and play with these wonderful musicians again!

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